My name is Thomas P. Zugibe.  I have proudly served the People of Rockland County as the elected district attorney since 2008.  I look forward to serving as President of DAASNY, an organization that strives to make New York a safe place for all of our residents and visitors..

The District Attorneys Association of the State of New York was formed in 1909, as the idea of District Attorney Beecher S. Clother of Glens Falls (Warren County), New York. The first known public mention of its formation appeared in the Rochester (New York) Union and Advertizer in its August 27, 1909 issue. “Upon the theory that big crooks have an organization to beat the law,” the article stated, “the district attorneys of the state are going to combine into an association by which they will defeat the lawbreakers by mutual help.”

There are 62 elected district attorneys in New York State, one for each county. Click here to find your district attorney.