The District Attorneys Association of New York (DAASNY) installed a new President and Executive Board. Oneida County District Attorney, Scott D. McNamara was sworn is as President of the Association.

“It is truly an honor to be sworn in as President of this respected and honorable organization. I hope I can continue the tradition of leadership of those that came before me. We have a lot to be proud of as prosecutors and we do great work to improve the fairness of our criminal justice system. We have drug courts, domestic violence courts, veterans programs and numerous alternatives to incarceration programs. I am proud to lead these efforts and will do my best to carry forward and build upon the outstanding body of work of my predecessors, who sought first to better our profession so that the criminal justice system in turn would be enhanced” said President McNamara.

There are 62 elected district attorneys in New York State, one for each county. Click here to find your district attorney.