DAASNY 2020 Summer Conference








June 29, 2020– Albany, New York; At their annual Summer Conference Board of Directors Meeting, the District Attorneys Association of the State of New York (DAASNY) installed a new President and Executive Board. Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley was sworn in as President of the Association. 

“I have served as a prosecutor for 30 years and I am so proud to be President of DAASNY and to work with my fellow colleagues from all over the State. We are living in a time where we are examining inequities in the criminal justice system so we can do better. We live in a diverse state and we must be dedicated to listening to all of our communities and embracing and understanding our differences. I will be creating a DAASNY workgroup to start conversations about racial inequities and implicit bias in our criminal justice system and come up with ideas about what we as prosecutors can do to make changes. I will be drawing on prosecutor’s voices from all over the state to seek input about what we can contribute to moving forward and creating environments that serve all,” said President Doorley.

President Doorley was sworn in after prior President, Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler completed his term. “Sandra Doorley has already proven to that she cares deeply about her fellow prosecutors and the integrity of the criminal justice system. Over the past year she has supported me with intelligent counsel and wise friendship. I intend to support her in return and wish her the best of luck in her new role,” said DA Hoovler.

Also sworn in were President-Elect, Washington County District Attorney J. Anthony Jordan; First Vice President, Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas: Second Vice President, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn; and Third Vice President, Richmond County District Attorney Michael McMahon.

Due to Coronavirus and limits on gatherings, for the first time DAASNY’s Board meeting was held virtually. More than 100 District Attorneys  and executive staff from all over the state logged in via computers or smartphones. Only essential DAASNY matters were discussed during the shortened meeting. Non-essential matters and prosecutor awards will be taken up at DAASNY’s Winter Conference in January.

DAASNY was formed in 1909 as an organization for prosecutors in the State of New York to provide for the exchange of information and views with respect to the conduct of their offices, the New York State criminal justice system and the criminal law and operation. DAASNY encourages and fosters communication, cooperation, training and consultation among and on behalf of the district attorneys and their staffs for matters concerning the prosecution of crime in New York State and improving the legal system. It is DAASNY’s collegial approach and the fostering of communication between offices both large and small, upstate and downstate, with a particular emphasis upon ethical issues facing prosecutors, that helps to ensure greater fairness, transparency and accuracy within the criminal justice system.